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Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC. (CCR) provides services that help stakeholders in the construction industry (including architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, owners, sureties and others) take advantage of the transformative effect of collaborative contracts like the recently released ConsensusDOCS 300: Standard Form of Tri-Party Agreement for Collaborative Project Delivery, Lean Project Delivery System™ techniques, Building Information Modeling technology and software and the tsunami of change that will accompany widespread adoption of these new tools in the construction industry. CCR uses a unique and innovative Multi-Party Consulting Agreement and to introduce clients collectively to CCR's innovative and cutting edge Collaborative Construction Resource System.

◻  What is a Multi-Party Consulting Agreement?  -
CCR's unique Multi-Party Consulting Agreement is a novel form of consulting agreement that encourages clients to engage in true collaborative learning from the out set. This, in turn, allows the clients, who are stakeholders in the competitive construction industry, to tap their collective strengths in ways that serve the best interests of the project they pursue. Thus, Multi-Party Consulting Agreement is itself a collaborative tool that provides clients with tremendous leverage in the market place. Owners want to see quality projects launched and completed on time and on budget. Multi-Party Consulting Agreement achieves those goals by allowing Owners, Design Professionals and Contractors to begin collaborating before the competition is even aware a project is on the boards!
◻  What is CCRS and How Does It Work?  -
The Collaborative Construction Resource System (CCRS) is the mechanism through which CCR delivers its services to its clients. Through CCRS project stakeholders gain strategic positions in the market place and increase their competitive edge. ConsensusDOCS 300, Building Information Modeling and Lean Project Delivery System™™ are revolutionary, and firms that adapt to their use will excel; those that do not will struggle. CCR uses CCRS to arm its clients with in depth knowledge of this new generation of collaborative contracts that will govern lean construction projects and the use of 21st Century information technology to plan, model, build, and maintain structures in the future. Knowledge is power and the ability to adapt to change is the key to survival. CCR provides clients with knowledge and strategies that will help them adapt to the wave of change that is overtaking the construction industry. Knowledge of the best strategies for this evolving environment can be gained via programs offered by CCR and affiliated businesses like Construction Owners Resources, LLC, the Lean Construction Institute and leaders of the Building Information Modeling movement. These programs convey the knowledge necessary to compete effectively in this rapidly changing environment via Webinars, Teleconfrences, Live Seminars, On-Site Meetings and Web-based Training Programs. Contact us today to schedule an initial meeting to learn more about the collaborative revolution in the construction industry and how your organization can thrive in this exciting new environment!


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